ASAP Rocky's Guide to Hooking Up With Chicks, Bitches, and Hos

Dollars, Drugs, and Drank
Something about having money makes hooking up so much easier. And we're not talking about the emergency $20 bill sewn into your throwback Bugle Boy jeans.

If you want to party like an A$AP Mob rap star, you're going to need serious coinage (and blow) to wake up next to "three model bitches."

"Yes, I'm the shit/Tell me, do it stink," Rocky flows on "Goldie." "It feel good waking up to money in the bank/ Three model bitches, cocaine on the sink."

If your partner's not into blow, try Purp -- both the drink and marijuana variety. Rocky's had success with both.

From "Get Lit": "Just light the candle on the nightstand, sitting by the lotion/I got her open, got her floating off this purple potion/Just take a hit, no time to quit, because you gotta smoke this/ I gotta focus when I pour it 'cause it's kinda potent."

Of course, you never mix Purp with the following items on Rocky's guide ... Automobiles.

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