Cypress Hill's B-Real and Sen Dog Talk Weed, Rap, Punk, Gang Life, and Being Cuban

By 2010, though, after veering away from Spanish rap to avoid being stereotyped, Cypress Hill cut a track with Pitbull and Marc Anthony called "Armada Latina," produced by South Florida hit machine Jim Jonsin. "He was a cool dude, a real producer. I was fucking deadpan when he made the record, no reaction. But if he's reading: Thanks, I'd love to work with you again," says Real.

So yes, they've lived here. They've recorded with the 305's best. And they've toured the MIA. In fact, B-Real and Sen Dog's first business trip to Miami was part of a package tour with Rollins Band and Beastie Boys in 1992. "The Beastie Boys always embraced us," Real says, thinking back. "We always stand in appreciation for one of the few groups that helped propel us to where we're at now."

As for the Beasties' late leader Adam Yauch, Sen recalls: "He was one of the dudes that really influenced me. He was a serious rhyme spitter, and when he hit the stage, you couldn't take your eyes off him."

Four years later, Cypress Hill was back at Bayfront Park. And when B-Real threw a fresh-rolled blunt into the crowd, a girl named Jenny Rose from Boca Raton caught it. "I took it home, stuck it in the freezer and smoked it for like the next three years on birthdays and 4/20s," she recalls blissfully.

Such is the potency of a crew that's tirelessly proselytized for and capitalized on the world's favorite weed -- this Cypress shit can keep you high for decades. And when Real, Sen, and the Hill hotbox Grand Central, they'll be bringing that fire with them.

"We're gonna take you through our whole musical archive," Sen Dog insists. "We want you to remember where you were the first time you heard each of those songs. But we grew up a little bit since we started. So we don't throw our weed into the audience anymore."

That's probably a smart decision considering the federales set up SoFla resident and reggae lifer Buju Banton for a big fall on a bogus drug and gun charge. "Bro, wow," Sen says. "I hadn't heard of that guy since like 92'. I don't know him or talk to him. But if it's a setup, I wouldn't be surprised. That's happened to a lot of people in America."

Maybe, though, these Cypress Hill homies are protected by a higher power. After all, B-Real is a santero. "I've been a babalao for like ten years now," he confirms. "And I gotta tell you, some of the dopest rhythms I've ever heard come from the bata drummers. They're spiritual and ritualistic and invoke certain divinities. One day, if I can find the right drummers, I would go down to Miami and do a whole Caribbean-style hip-hop thing, straight outta Cuba."

"We've been talking about playing in Miami again for a long time. We're excited to meet the people, and say thanks for the support over the years."

Cypress Hill. With Action Bronson. Tuesday, November 13. Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $25 plus fees via All ages. Call 305-377-2277 or visit


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