Death to the Sun IV: The Final Episode at Churchill's Pub in Miami, November 24

Photo by Ronnie Rivera
Mask Era at Death to the Sun IV: The Final Episode.
Death to the Sun IV: The Final Episode
Churchill's Pub, Miami
Saturday, November 24, 2012

Better Than: Rocky IV, Lethal Weapon IV, The Land Before Time IV, Alien: Resurrection, and Indiana Jones and the Aliens or whatever.

Death to the Sun has celebrated its final end-of-summer extravaganza.

So obviously, we've got a mean case of the Mondays. Let's ease the pain with some highlights from one of Miami's best (and unfortunately, short-lived) local music festivals.

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Photo by Ronnie Rivera
Back patio mosh.

DTTS has consistently curated strong, dynamic rock festivals. And none of them have ever taken place at Churchill's Pub -- Miami's undisputed, undefeated, forever-reigning champ'een (and only) rock club.

Sir Winston's hideaway provided a layout practically tailored to the night's sprawling, maximalist format. We're surprised that in addition to carving three stages out of the expansive dive, Guerrero didn't try to book bands in Dave Daniels's laundry room. Or maybe at an adjacent crack house.

The rotating points of focus also helped maintain the show's momentum, and helped further distinguish the voluminous and constant onslaught of live music into bands and solo artists responding to the specifics of their assigned space, be it main stage, floor of the ballroom, or the legendary back patio.

Photo by Ronnie Rivera
Manny Mangos.

Photo by Ronnie Rivera
The Jellyfish Brothers.

Photo by Ronnie Rivera
The Gun Hoes

Photo by Ronnie Rivera
Las Tias.

The showcase's platforms, thematics and allegiances have been clear since the first edition of the festival in 2009 at the American Legion in MiMo. Looking for a tidy, slogan or encapsulation? At Death to the Sun, rock 'n' roll reigns supreme.

Thankfully, the show's dedication to guitar-based din is tastefully tempered by an open-format sensibility that doesn't just book a show like one fills out a Mad Lib or colors by numbers. The bill is always overflowing, but the endless barrage never becomes monotonous. Instead of one long set obsessed with beating a genre to death, the night proved to be the teleological realization of The Festival: a dense, diverse selection of music you have and haven't heard.

Manny Mangos is a Puerto Rican one-man The Shaggs. He sang ramshackle, falling-apart dirtnap mini-anthems about G.G. Allin. And, y'know, rocker shit. The Gun Hoes, The Jellyfish Brothers, and Las Tias all repped the newest wave of Little Haiti's isolated garage-punk scene with loud fist-pumping, beer-swilling ragers coated with pop, slop, and -- especially in the case of the J-Bros -- the occasional deep-fried surf lick.

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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