EDM Becoming a Cirque Du Soleil Production: Five Reasons It's Gonna Suck

"Emotional Ecosystem"
Going back to the ridiculous press release, one organizer is quoted as saying, "It will be a melting pot of ideas and the focus is equally spread across music, the experience and the crowd. Each one relying on the other, like an emotional ecosystem set up to cultivate and grow a magical night out." We don't know what an emotional ecosystem is, but it sounds like nothing we want to be a part of. Sounds like the worst hippie period ever. Sounds like a big load of bullshit.

Hype Is Hollow
Look, we've been in this scene for years upon years. Take it from us ... When something is hyped so hard, it can only lead to disappointment. Is a new Vegas club featuring DJs and Cirque dancers game changing? Unless these guys are handing out molly water samples at the door, this place is going to be just another place for tourists to throw their money away on sets from DJs we've seen already.

But maybe we haven't let ourselves get turned on by the bright idea. Maybe a grand opening will shed some light on our dark attitudes and really brighten our world view. Maybe this is the kind of illuminating experience the scene needs, and this is a new genesis for EDM. Let there be Light.

See how easy that was? Amateurs.

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Whoa, Andy Pate and Donnie Leandro, you guys must love Cirque Du Soleil! And BTW, Kat Bein does a lot besides joke about EDM. She interviews DJs and producers and writes entirely positive EDM show reviews. So read and research beyond the headlines before jabbering on about her being a "basher" or "needing a new career" or calling her a "fucking loser."

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

^^^you are totally right this reporter called KAT BEIN sucks, that person needs a new career...hey kat bein you totally suck in a epic way, fucking loser

Andy Pate
Andy Pate

hard to take something seriously from an author that never does anything other than bash EDM

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