Justin Bieber Breaks Up With Selena Gomez, Begins Dark 10-Part Downward Spiral

Liquored Up
Bieber has an incredible 21st birthday party at LIV where he becomes tremendously trashed. Paparazzi snap some pics of the superstar puking in a garbage can on his way out of the club. But he turns that bad press into an opportunity when he starts hawking Canadian Club Whisky with the tagline, "Anything Else Makes Me Sick." He also starts his own line of urban outfits for scrawny white guys, Burban Brand Clothing. He's spotted all over the world rockin' his Burban and getting rowdy in public. Some gossip columnists begin to wonder if he's partying a little too hard.

"But It's Legal in Canada!"
Lil Swaggy's thuggish behavior starts to upset some of his more wholesome fans, and cops in America's heartland start cracking down on his legendary tour shenanigans. He's pulled over and searched on a Georgia highway while riding the tour bus to a show in Florida. Officers discover a whole ounce of the sticky-icky on board. He tries to make excuses for his behavior, famously quoting that in his homeland, no one would think twice about rolling up on the road. To beat the charges, Swaggy does a little community service and films a PSA about the dangers of smoking.

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