Justin Bieber Breaks Up With Selena Gomez, Begins Dark 10-Part Downward Spiral

Blowin' Money Fast
Bieber is rolling in the dough and he can't spend it fast enough. He begins to take cues from his idol MJ, buying up the most ridiculous crap imaginable. He purchases a set of platinum spinners, diamond-encrusted water guns, commissions molds of 17 stripper booties, and a fourteen-inch bejeweled pendant in the likeness of himself, all while personally financing the most expensive music video of all time. When asked on set about his flagrant spending habits, the Biebz simply replies, "It's like my boy Drake said, 'Ain't like you can take it with you.'"

But the party comes to a screeching halt just before the singer's 22nd birthday. His Los Angeles home is raided and his signature platinum spinners are stolen, among other personal items. Bieber beefs up his security, but he runs into serious trouble when a random search of his bags at the Seattle airport turns up a bunch of semi-automatic weapons. There's no escaping the rap this time, and Bieber is locked up for a total of one year and three months. No one is quite sure what happened to him on the inside, but his boyish smile is gone forever and the superstar never fully recovers.

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