Justin Bieber Breaks Up With Selena Gomez, Begins Dark 10-Part Downward Spiral

Untimely Death
The singer trudges through a few more years, releasing a very dark post-jail record that sells millions of copies but scares a lot of young girls. Instead of a media darling, the Biebz becomes a target for gossip sites who love to tell the tale of the good-boy-gone-bad. He retreats into himself, drinking incredible amounts of Canadian Club in public and burning through a few short-lived relationships with messy starlets and one notable porn queen. At 26, Bieber goes into seclusion. No one sees him for six months, besides a few paparazzi shots that show the star undergoing rapid weight loss. Then one morning, his body is found inside his L.A. home, lifeless after an apparent meth overdose. Cops discover the Biebz while investigating a call of suspicious activity from neighbors, as hooded individuals were seen coming and going, apparently robbing the home of its most valuable possessions.

In Loving Memory
As soon as Bieber is discovered, the news lights up with remembrances of the good old days, before the jail time and excessive drug use. MTV and YouTube host a "Looking Back" special, streaming and showing all his best video clips, from those first days as a pre-pubescent youngster to his elaborate, increasingly expensive music videos. He's embraced by both suburban and urban fans as someone who helped bring the two worlds together in harmony, a symbol of success for those with low beginnings. Burban Brand Clothing releases a line of over-sized white tees bearing the singer's airbrushed likeness. His remaining belongings are auctioned off, the highest bid going to the pipe that killed him.

Teenage lover Selena Gomez, now fat and almost unrecognizable, attends the funeral with her third and youngest child. She publically mourns the loss but leaves early, giving no comment.

But then Bieber is resurrected! And he reveals that it's all just a viral marketing stunt for his comeback album!

The Biebz is dead! Long live the Biebz!

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