Lil Wayne and DJ Paris Hilton's Sex Tape: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

DJ Paris Hilton Does Lil Wayne.jpg
You will not believe what DJ Paris Hilton did last night.

She got exposed a new collabo track with Lil Wayne. And we here at Crossfade think she just might have "bust it wide open for a Trukfit sweater." Or at least for a 16-bar feature.

In her new unreleased single, which sounds a lot like an Afrojack song for some reason (he produced it), DJ Paris gets real clubby with the Young Money weirdo while he goes off about how much he wants to spend "one night in Paris."

Woah ... Check the cut for an extremely detailed breakdown.

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So, there isn't really a vido proper, but you can watch this silly mash up reel of Paris doing things like partying and looking rich, while getting your first glimpse of this hopefully-not hit.

0:00 - 0:15
Pretty little intro. Just to let you know ... This is a song for a girl.

0:16 - 1:02
Producers try really hard to fix Paris Hilton's awful voice. But alas, it still sounds like having a rake shoved up our asshole while a squirrel tries to bury nuts in our ear canals. The lyrical content is a bunch of schoolgirl tripe about "OMG, we had such a good time last night, right? Can barely remember. #Drunk." Then there's a mega-build, which leads to...

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