Lil Wayne and DJ Paris Hilton's Sex Tape: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

Afrojack in the studio.jpg

1:47 - 2:32
And now ... Back to this terrible chorus and this grating insanity that's supposed to be Paris Hilton's singing voice. Meanwhile, Weezy can be heard in the background name-dropping his crew, as if people are going to listen to this song.

2:33 - 3:21
Boom boom! Another Afrojack drop. So far, Paris has only whined out about eight lines in this whole single. And that's all she'll have! Because the song is basically over. Except for a girly-ass pink and glittery outro.

What the fuck was the point of this crap? Besides discovering that Lil Wayne could get Paris's duck all wet? Or that Afrojack still knows how to make that one noise he makes all the time?

Whoa ... That was awful.

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