Madonna's Top Ten NSFW Moments

Madonna is a dirty, old lady.

And though she wasn't always old, the Queen of Pop has been a hot and proud taboo-smashing slut from birth. Even before becoming famous, Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone was making thought-provoking egg porn.

She's also burned through an insanely long line of famous and unfamous suitors. She's published an entire book of erotica, starring her own naked body. She's challenged the church's sexual mores by dressing like a skanky nun who uses the crucifix like a sex toy.

She's done it "Like a Virgin," brought gay dancing to MTV, and palled around with raunchy lesbian comics like Sandra Bernhard and Rosie O'Donnell. And even at 53, she was still flashing titties all over the globe, going strong and sex-crazed as ever.

Now that Madonna's 54, who knows what she's going to pull when her MDNA tour humps into Miami's American Airlines Arena? But as fair warning, here are the ten nastiest things she's done thus far.

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Egg Porn
The woman was never a sexual novice. Before anyone had any idea about Madonna, she was already honing her unique, game-changing brand of over-the-top sexy. In 1974, Madonna hooked up with some artsy types to make an egg-centric avante-garde soft-core video. (That's a full eight years before "Like A Virgin" made many people feel uncomfortable in their pants for the very first time!) And the world has never seen someone suck a yolk so good. The fact that it's silent and blurry and superfuzzy is even a turn-on. Yes, Madonna's young, virile body is hot enough to cook scrambled eggs.

Wedding Dress Stage Humping
Madonna is nothing if not a pioneer. She humped her way into history, showing up on the first MTV Video Music Awards in 1984 and getting freaky with the floor in a white wedding gown. Back then, this kind of behavior was some next-level insanity. Everyone in America was left totally slack-jawed in their living rooms. In that brief and naughty moment, young women everywhere were freed from sexual suppression. And we've been whoring it up ever since. Thanks, lady!

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Bein you're a fucking genius

Estrella Eguino
Estrella Eguino

Hi, my husband says she's the true whore of Babylon! lol! Old and dirty but with magical hotness.

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