Madonna's Top Ten NSFW Moments

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Sean Penn's Bloody Ragdoll
In June 1987, Madonna was married to bad-boy actor Sean Penn, and he beat that bitch with a baseball bat to the dome. Somehow, she came out alive and still in love with the maniac, who escaped from the media fiasco with nothing besides a misdemeanor battery charge. This was no isolated incident either. He used to tie her to chairs and stuff. But apparently, the sex was off the chain and lasted for hours. We guess you can't put a price on passion. Love is pain, girl.

Kissing Black Jesus
Even though she was already a promiscuous domestic-violence victim, Madonna was still pulling in mad money from corporate sponsors in the late '80s. She actually scored a $5-million deal with Pepsi for the rights to use her hit single "Like a Prayer" in 1989. Too bad the music video came out flashing giant church fires and Madonna kissing a Black Jesus ... And family-friendly Pepsi decided they'd had enough of her shenanigans, backing out of the deal. This might not have been very progressive of the soft-drink manufacturer. But is there really anything progressive about being the second-rate Coca-Cola? The Material Girl still turned out rich.

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Bein you're a fucking genius

Estrella Eguino
Estrella Eguino

Hi, my husband says she's the true whore of Babylon! lol! Old and dirty but with magical hotness.

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