Madonna's Top Ten NSFW Moments

Justify My Love
Of course, Madonna's all about upping the ante. So in 1990, she cranked her on-camera antics to R-rated. In the hot and heavy video for "Justify My Love," she's getting freaky in a dingy hotel hallway and everybody loves it. Naked girls, naked boys, tight leather, assless chaps -- this video has it all. The whole thing is shockingly filthy. But in that naughty-yet-amazing way, where you know you're going to have a really awesome shower afterward.

After all those years of teasing, Madonna finally gave the fans some full-on nudity with the release of SEX, her explicit 1992 coffee-table book. The book stars our heroine and her famous friends engaged in titillating soft-core sadomasochistic positions. Celebs like Big Daddy Kane, Vanilla Ice, and Naomi Cambell all make appearances. This dirty tome was released in conjunction with Madonna's fifth studio album Erotica and it only came in the hard-back edition. Um, did we mention the ass-licking?

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Bein you're a fucking genius

Estrella Eguino
Estrella Eguino

Hi, my husband says she's the true whore of Babylon! lol! Old and dirty but with magical hotness.

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