Metro Zu's Lofty305 Talks Zuology, Bitches, Weed, Coke, LSD, and Basel Party Plans

Metro Zu's Lofty, C$PG.
Metro Zu is high above Miami on a cumulus of kush.

They're dropping acid rain on the people in the streets.

They're surfing through the County on a tidal wave of bass.

They're wide awake, they're making tracks, they want to blow your mind.

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Crossfade: What's the new shit?
Lofty 305: The newest shit was Zuology. That's the newest album we got out right now. But we coming out with mad other shit. We got like 60 percent of the next album done already. We don't know the name yet.

What type of sound is it?
It's just like fun music, nothing heavy, we just like to get people to let go and have fun and forget alll the stupid shit that's going on right now. The lyrics are really stupid but the sounds are really futuristic.

For Zuology, we kept the lyrical content about pimpin and drugs and having fun, but we wanted to go somewhere new with the sounds on this one. Exploring other realms and shit. It was cranked up.

Wasup with the art shit?
This Art Basel, we're gonna be painting like two Lambos and shit. They're still making a press release for it and shit.

Damn, dude. Good shit! We just want people to relate to our shit. It doesn't seem like we tried too hard. We go in and lay it down. There's no filter. That's part of our aesthetic. We just go in and get it out. We're getting it out to the people so that they know we're making music no matter what anybody says.

How's it different now from when you started?
I don't know how, but we've become the reason why some people rap, whereas two years ago that's the position we were in. I don't have a bunch of money from this shit, but I have people hitting me up every day saying 'because of you I'm inspired to have my shit appreciated by mad people.' It's cool.

It's been a couple years now since that Electrozlapp...
That Electrozlapp was a turning point for us. That shit solidified us. That was the first album that like Miami Dade fucked with hard, so we started to feel more like rappers in real life. Before that all our fans were like in California. Affter that article they started recognizing us here and it just made us more focused.

There's hella shit, like illegal ass shit, to get into down here ya feel me. That article made us feel like rappers...Miami rappers, instead of some niggas on the street. Before, no one even knew we made music.

I see a lot of hype and shows and flyers and shit now...
We been approached by labels or whatever. It's not selling out as long as you're being yourself. But we got a lot more developing to do on our own before we're ready to negotiate. When the labels hit me up, I'm just like 'fuck off, I'm working.'

You get a lot of work done...
Miami is our creative center. I was in NYC for like 3 months. I didn't record more than maybe ten songs. In Miami I record like ten songs a day. I'm goin back to NY in December though. I got some loose ends to tie up. I got bitches ya feel me. I got a lot of bitches in New York.

What's the difference between "bitches" in Miami, and "bitches" in New York?
NY bitches are more stuck up. I think cause there's more people or whatever, but there's way more bad bitches in Miami. The bad bitch ratio here is superior. The fine ass girl here is not that stuck up, cause there's so many fine ass girls. Down here you tell a girl she's fine as fuck, and she says 'oh, you tell that to every girl, there's so many fine girls here.' The average nigga in New York, I don't know what they do, cause the bitches are stuck up. If you try to mack a bitch in the club, they automatically look at you like...unless you say some really dope shit. The way I do it is I say "Wassup, I'm from Miami," and immediately they just wanna fuck. I don't know what these normal niggas do to get hoes, but I just rep Dade ya feel me.

Who got better weed NYC or MIA?
Miami, better weed all day. Don't sleep on Dade. We got the better weed all day. And I smoked the best of the best out there. We got the better weed.

The abundance level down here ... It's just way more on that trappin' shit. Everybody sells weed as a standard here. Depending on the day of the week, everybody knows somebody who got that shit on deck.

Good to know,
New York has better LSD though. New York has some fire-ass acid, way better than any I ever done in Miami. But we hold down the weed and the coke and everything else, feel me. Truly, New York is the first time I ever done really real 100-percent liquid acid. I was just getting dosed every day for a month for this art show we did up there. When I go back, it's not gonna be what I remember it as 'cause I was tripping the whole time I was there.

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