Miley Cyrus's $1 Million Offer for Girl-on-Girl Porn: From Scissor Action to Horse Play

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Miley Cyrus already ate the whole cake. But now a porn company wants her to try XXX star Jessie Andrews too. media director Martin Ellison has reached out to Cyrus's reps about getting the Disney-turned-dubstep sexpot into a soft-core porn remake of the "Decisions" music video, according to TMZ.

Instead of making out with fiancée Liam Hemsworth, a naked Miley would have to French kiss her "Decisions" video co-star Jessie Andrews for $1 million.

It's that easy, and "entirely up to [Miley]" to push the bi-curiosity any further. The earning potential is outstanding.

Check out Crossfade's proposed porno pay scale after the jump.

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Scissor Me Timbers
Miley and porn star BFF Jessie Andrews can recreate that scene from South Park where Ms. Garrison (formerly Mr. Garrison) realizes she's into women and learns how to scissor.

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Ked Killjoy
Ked Killjoy

i dont care much for her but her career hasnt tanked. she has no need to do porn.

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