Murk's Oscar G and Ralph Falcon on Their Top Five Miami House Bombs

Earlier this summer, we here at Crossfade included Murk in our list of the 50 Best Miami Bands of All Time. And with good reason.

The production power duo of Oscar Gaetan and Ralph Falcon is among the most commercially successful acts in the history of house music. But also one of the most influential, with a pioneering '90s sound that can still be heard on the international charts today.

Catch the pair behind the decks at Saturday's special Murk Day shindig at The Vagabond. But first, get a glimpse of the sensational journey Murk have enjoyed over the past two decades as Oscar and Ralph reminisce with us about five records that have made them the stuff of legend.

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1. Liberty City's "Some Lovin'" (1992)
"We had a bunch of issues during the recording of this track. The tape machine we used wasn't calibrated properly and the reels were wobbling a bit, so it made the track sound warped. We came very close to not even releasing it because we weren't happy with the final mix. A few months later, we saw Junior Vasquez play the track for 20 minutes at the legendary Sound Factory in NYC. He was the ultimate tastemaker at the time. We could not believe the crowd reaction. They sang along to every word.

2. Funky Green Dogs' "Fired Up" (1996)
"Our good friend Danny Tenaglia championed this record for months before it was even released. He made it an anthem at his then-weekly residency at Twilo in NYC. The song eventually debuted at number one on Billboard and led to three full-length Funky Green Dogs albums on Twisted/MCA Records. Good times, but we definitely don't miss the trappings of major label exclusivity."

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They forgot "Believe." Tamara Wallace wasn't playin on that vocal.

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