Obama Bitchslaps Romney! Five Tribute Songs, From Young Jeezy to Some Croatian Dude

Cal Domine's song, "This Is Not A Pro-Obama Song," features the standout line: "Romney does not have your back, he's the fucking Antichrist. I know what you're thinking, this is not a pro-Obama song."

You don't know her. But Shayna Virostek is "Dreaming of a Black President." Goes a lil' like, "He is black, my niggas! And he's gonna be black in office! 'Cause his name starts with the B!"

And finally, this mysterious Croatian song about Obama by Damir Nikšić. Here is the Google translation of the powerful lyrics:

Hey, Obama! Hey, Obama!
You brought joy to us!
The light to be called darkness
Let not my Obama!
Let them be ashamed, let them be ashamed
Who do not like Obama!
No sweat, no drama
While us our Obama!
Wash down the shame
Wash down the scum
Those who voted
Obama again!
Merrily with Obama
Without Obama's sad
Obama is now well
A Romney ugly
Hey, Obama! Hey, Obama!
You brought joy to us!

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