Cypress Hill's B Real: "Guys Who Smoke Weed Can Relate to Obama, I Support Him"

If Mitt Romney smoked a joint, nothing would happen. Because robots can't get high.

But Crossfade's backing Obama. Like most Americans, we've smoked marijuana. And we're not afraid to admit it.

We also recently spoke to B-Real of Cypress Hill about why weed's a good thing, why voting is important, and who he's backing in the 2012 presidential race.

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A young Barry Obama, just blazing.

Crossfade: What do you think about Obama being a big-time pothead when he was younger?
B-Real: At least he was honest about it, and he's a guy that a lot of guys who smoke can relate to on some real, average-person shit right there. A lot of Americans smoke marijuana. He partied out when he was younger unlike somebody that was straight edge. Or won't admit to it, like most Republicans. I think people appreciate that honesty.

A lot of the stuff he's been working on to fix is what Bush messed up in the first place. But it takes time for some of these things to be seen. He gets unfairly criticized. He inherited an office that was totally fucked. I still support him, that's for sure.

That OG Obama kush.

What do you think of non-voters?
When someone gets voted in that's against the people, how did he get in there? It's on the people that didn't vote. So when something like that happens, you can only blame yourself. I didn't used to vote for a long time, but then I would still complain about shit. I can only blame myself for that.

Who you gonna vote for?

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Supports Obama...    Obama will send the DEA to raid you. 

Jason Herrera
Jason Herrera

yea, but the COOL kids don't want to reason & face the fact. Obama is like that gift your mom gives you, but you hate it, but you feel forced to keep it to not hurt her feelings lol


Yeah, Jason Herrera. Let's vote Romney, the guy who's terrified of caffeine. Not Obama, leader of the Choom Gang.

Jason Herrera
Jason Herrera

what does? the weed you & I are about to smoke?

Jason Herrera
Jason Herrera

lol this guy is out of touch, I can't stand ignorant stoners!

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