Obama vs. Romney: Top Ten Musical Endorsements, From Vanilla Ice to Pitbull

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Uncle Sam says: "You better fuckin' vote, America!"
Pop music celebrities are sex-drenched, weapon-obsessed, drug-addicted, angry, deranged, and sometimes criminal.

In short, they're unconventional, always-entertaining personalities who may or may not have politically valid opinions.

But let's face it, celebrity endorsements are cultural collateral, and politics is bloodsport.

Here are the top ten musical endorsements in this presidential death race pitting Romney vs. Obama.

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10. Barry Manilow and Meat Loaf
Barry Manilow

Skinny white guy with a never-ending Vegas career has been making the same ladies wet from college age to grandma. Helps Obama get old white ladies.


Fat white guy with over-the-top bravado sings loud, doesn't say shit, makes operatic concept music for people without actual concept of music. Helps Romney get old white guys.

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Felix L Ricardo
Felix L Ricardo

Celeb endorsements as deciding factors on the future of the country? Even more tragic.

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