Ricardo Guerrero on Final Death to the Sun and Why "Miami Venues Still Suck Dick"

Ricardo Guerrero: Musician, promoter, shit-talker.
Death to the Sun is not only Miami's best rock fest for the new, the hip, and the off-kilter. The annual farewell-to-summer local music bash, hosted by This Heart Electric's Ricardo Guerrero, is also one of the most controversial events spawned from the Biscayne Corridor's art-party music scene.

Last year, after hosting the festival's first two editions in Miami - first at The American Legion on the Boulevard's "Upper East Side," and then at the now-shuttered BAR (formerly P.S.14) - Guerrero abruptly moved the showcase to the also-now-closed Snooze Theater in Lake Park in Palm Beach County. His motivation?

In an interview, Guerrero explained to Crossfade that, "Miami venues sucked dick," which resulted in a heated (like, hot diarrhea) debate that produced two separate articles, 118 comments, and a personally addressed response in list format.

With DTTS making its return to Dade County to host a last hurrah, Crossfade sent Guerrero an email to see what was up with the festival's last edition.

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Space Voodoo Crystal at the American Legion, Death To The Sun, 2009.

Photo by Ian Witlen
Surfer Blood at the American Legion, Death To The Sun, 2009.

Crossfade: Why is this the festival's last year?
I have decided to focus on making music, and nothing else. I feel like I do too much for others and not enough for myself. Saturn's in return right now. So many things are coming to light.

Photo by Ronnie Rivera
Teepee at BAR, Death to the Sun II, 2010.

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