Rick Ross's Mouthwatering Maybach Munchies Thanksgiving Menu

Countin' chips

Munchies: Chips
Jam: "I Swear to God"
The Boss Says: "Salty, we the only niggas eating chips."

Y'know, hors d'oeuvres. Or as we like to call 'em, "What keeps us just sober enough to stand."

Biscuits for the Bawse

Munchies: Biscuits
Jam: "This Is The Life"
The Boss Says: "Started with a biscuit now I got a loaf/Hoes wanna slice I wann' tell her no/But I can't I get a rush blowin' dough."

After a long day of hustlin', Ricky Rozay loves nothing more than coming to some warm biscuits...
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