Rick Ross's Mouthwatering Maybach Munchies Thanksgiving Menu


Munchies: Chicken Wings
Jam: "I Love My Bitches"
The Boss Says: "50 cash in the Louis for the chicken wings."

You think Maybach Music fucks with turkeys? OK, maybe they do. But that's for charity. You know at his own Thanksgiving, the poultry of choice is chicken. And the portion served is exclusively wing.


Munchies: Collard Greens
Jam: "John Doe"
The Boss Says: "I'm peeling collard greens/That 30 carats"

Leafy vegetables like kale are but one of many of Rick Ross's green shaded loves.


Munchies: Cheesecake
Jam: "Amsterdam," "Comfortable Lifestyle," and "I'm a G"
The Boss Says: "Slice of cheesecake before my niggas all decease," and "Aventura Mall top it off wit' cheesecake/Sweet lemonade help a nigga ventilate" and "Need cheesecake like Fredrick."

Seems like the only thing he loves more than hooch is dairy-based dessert confections. Gotta love the shoutout to the Factory. Their cheesecake is Bawse!

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