Rihanna on Being 50 Years Old: "I Hope My Titties Are Still Up ... Nothing Else Will Matter"

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What really matters in life? Is it family? Is it power? Is it success in your career?

No, it's tit buoyancy. At least, that's what Rihanna will be most concerned when she reaches her nifty 50s.

The Barbadian sex goddess recently sat down for a revealing yet playful on-screen interview with Bravo's Andy Cohen. In it, she dishes about her new album, her friends and colleagues, and what it's like to be the most "liked" artist on Facebook.

She also talks about ass and titties.

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On New Single "Diamonds"
"It's a really powerful song, even to listen to, it just get you. You just get sucked in. Even if you're in the club it really fucks with your head ... 'Right now this is deep. I'm too drunk for this shit.'"

On New Duet With Chris Brown:
"'Nobody's Business' is basically the way I look at everything regarding my personal life. Even though you have to witness it, it's being documented at every second, it still is mine. This is mine, at this point. And when it gets to my music and stuff like that, I'll give and I'll give and I'll give, and I just feel like I need to keep a little bit for me that I get to decide."

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