Serrat and Sabina's Dos Pájaros Contraatacan Tour in Miami, November 16

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

On stage again in 2012, these two Spanish legends alternated songs and covered one another's work, with Serrat singing Sabina's tunes and vice versa. Between songs, they teased each other about their age, their careers, and even their private parts.

But there were heartfelt and touching moments too. Like during the song "Por el Boulevard de los Sueños Rotos," a tribute to the legendary Chavela Vargas, Joaquin's dear friend who passed away last August.

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

Some of the audience's clear favorites were "Princesa", "19 días y 500 noches" and "Cantares". Men and women of different ages and nationalities got up and danced. Both Serrat and Sabina showed tremendous energy, even warning, "This concert will not be like any other one you've seen. Call your babysitters, because this show will not finish any time soon." And they weren't lying, performing a total of 30 songs as the people kept asking for more.

Photo by Luz Elena Silva

At one point, between jabs about one another's age, Serrat and Sabina joked that Friday night might be their last concert.

We certainly hope they're wrong, and that we have Serrat and Sabina for a long time, because these two birds still have a long way to fly.

-- Luz Elena Silva

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American Airlines Arena

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