Six Richest Dead Musicians: From Elvis to Jacko

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You're dead. But that doesn't mean you can't earn big bucks. Shit, croaking could be the best career move ever.

Forbes recently broke down this year's most paid, most dead celebrities. And six of those ultra-wealthy, superdeceased folks are in the music business. Nothing's gonna stop them from selling hit records, hocking beverages, or running theme parks.

But whose dead body is the biggest gold mine?

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6. George Harrison, $5.5 million
He may not have been the most recognizable or charismatic Beatle. But even in death, George Harrison is rakin' in the dough. He's just laying there, steady banking royalty checks. That's the kind of financial security that writing "Here Comes the Sun" will get you.

5. Richard Rogers, $6 million
The prolific Richard Rogers, of famed American musical writing team Rogers and Hammerstein, isn't even seeing any money from his most beloved body of work. The rights to classics like The Sound of Music, The King and I, and Oklahoma! were sold off for $200 million in 2009. This is all just from solo projects and various collaboration royalties.

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1. Michael Jackson $145MM

2. Elvis Presley $55MM

3. Bob Marley $17MM

4. John Lennon

scott19674 topcommenter

Uh, where's the rest of them, dumbshits?  I see Rogers at #5 and no link to the rest.

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