Soulja Boy Posts Explicit Dick Pic! Top Five Ways to "Crank That"

soulja boy tweet picture shirtless.jpg
Yes, Soulja Boy showed off his pretty-boy bone on Tumblr. But, uh, it was an "accident."

The platinum-selling, dance-craze-starting, go-dumb rapper posted a picture of his swaggy weiner the other day, and Perez Hilton snagged an NSFW version before it was deleted.

Because we know you're as perverse and voyeuristic as Crossfade, we've got the goods down below. Plus, five fun-filled ways to toy with Soulja's jank.

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Crank That
Obvi, the most tried and true way is to "crank that" Soulja Boy. You can grab it and crank it yourself. Or watch him, yankin' and crankin' his own jank for extra-pervy goodness. But you have to let him Superman you at the end.

Kiss It Thru the Phone
Sexting is really big with the swag generation. And since it's a picture and all, kissing that D through the phone screen might be the only way most 21st-century types can get a piece.

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