Ten EDM Albums To Hear Before You Die

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Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Richard D. James must have one crazy-ass brain, because all his music sounds pretty much like nothing else. It can be beautiful, light, majestic, spastic, crunchy, driving, sometimes even horrific. But with 1992's Selected Ambient Works 85-92, he produced what has been hailed a "watershed." With unpronounceable yet poignant tracks like "Xtal" and "Ageispolis," this album moves at a chill and steady groove, occasionally broken up by bits of insanity like "Green Calx."

Daft Punk's Alive 2007
It's really hard to pick just one Daft Punk album that you should hear before you die. So we won't. Instead, we'll offer up this live release from the French duo's second and last tour to date. As a musical document, Alive 2007 offers a complete and comprehensive look at Daft Punk's illustrious career, mixing hits from all three studio albums into a single body of work which perfectly exemplifies the pair's taste, style, edge, themes, and attention to detail. We didn't know it before, but Daft Punk's music goes best when paired with more Daft Punk, and this is the essential mix.

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didn't you write an article trashing EDM?

Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams

Putting Rusko and Justice in the same category as Sasha and Digweed's Northern Exposure or Aphex Twins Selected Ambient works.... hardley. Looks like you guys were trying to pick an album from each genre.

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