Becoming the Bawse: Eight-Part History of Rick Ross, From Street Rapper to Maybach Mogul

Trick Don't Love the Kid
"The sad part about this is when the first corrections officer picture came out," Trick Daddy recalled in a 2008 interview on Angela Lee's satellite radio show on Sirius Shade 45, "about a week later I saw an interview, the interviewer said, 'So Rick Ross, how do you feel about Trick Daddy calling you a prison guard?' Time out. Ain't no way you went for that dumb ass shit right there."

In the rap world, being called a prison guard -- even if you were, at some point, employed as prison guard -- is not much different than being called a NARC or a pussy.

"I've been arrested and convicted of more crimes than he been pulled over and written a ticket for," Trick added. "When did I have time to be a pussy?

"I'm a real Miami nigga. I was born and raised in Miami. I'm not moving to no-fuckin'-where. I'm not going nowhere. My studio was in Carol City for three years. That whole three years that player hatin' shit [Ross's DOC job] was going on."

On April 12, 2009, the Bawse released his next record on the label, Deeper Than Rap. But soon, he and Slip-n-Slide would be dunzo.

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No, Jorge Shicken. You might wanna read beyond the headline, huh?

Jorge Shicken
Jorge Shicken

i guess you just completely skipped over the part of his life when he was a corrections officer, huh?

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