Becoming the Bawse: Eight-Part History of Rick Ross, From Street Rapper to Maybach Mogul

The Teflon Don
Ross's fourth studio record, Teflon Don, was released in the summer of 2010, and it quickly became one of the year's most critically acclaimed rap albums.

While Rolling Stone gave it three-and-a-half stars, the New York Times claimed that Teflon Don "establishes him as one of rap's most potent and creative forces" and Pitchfork named it one of the 50 best albums of 2010.

Ross's crossover appeal was obvious. And soon, everyone from hipsters to straight gangtas were downloading the Maybach Music capo's mixtapes. So began the year of the Don.

Man of the Year
Clad in a black tuxedo, dark sunglasses, and a pinky ring the size of a Mini Cooper, Rick Ross appeared on the cover of The Source's December 2010 issue. He was the mag's "Man of the Year."

Ross was humbled. "It's unexplainable," he said. "For me to commit my life and chase this dream for over a decade without making a penny, it's no way to explain when you finally seeing the fruits of your labor."

The following year, Ross turned the spotlight onto his crew.

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No, Jorge Shicken. You might wanna read beyond the headline, huh?

Jorge Shicken
Jorge Shicken

i guess you just completely skipped over the part of his life when he was a corrections officer, huh?

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