Ten Worst House Music Videos of All Time

House rose from the cracks of Chicago's warehouse disco scene to be a global force in music.

But just because billions of ears dig this stuff and it changed pop history ... Sometimes, it still sucks.

As proof, we here at Crossfade dug up some examples of how stupid it's all gonna look in retrospect.

Here are the ten worst house music videos of all time.

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10. The KLF's "Last Train To Transcentral"
We know renting trains is probably expensive. And yeah, that flying cop car idea is pretty cool. But your hand showed up holding it, dumbass.

9. Röyksopp's "The Drug"
Aaah! Detached baby dinosaur head. Girls battling the apocalypse with a boom box. Crazy glass-eyed bum. Dog licking a skull near an abandoned factory. Creepy janitor zombie. Radio static, rape scene. Deformed monster baby. White wolf. Staring at the sky. Dead eyed people. Naked kid doing the Buffalo Bill? Machine gun. Flying cross. Alien. Fire. Orange moon.

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If you think these tracks are House Music than you must also think that Nicki Minaj is hip hop. I grew up in Chicago and have been in the house music scene for over 25 years. With the exception of Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan (which really was a remix, not his production), these tracks are not representative of House Music. Please do your research and show House music the respect it deserves, 


Nah, Donnie Leandro ... House music doesn't always suck. But everything sucks sometimes. Just like electro, punk, metal, rap, pop, etc.

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

by the way...you say house music sucks yet you have Kraftwerk as your facebook backround picture...you people at crossfade are morons

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

ohh boy here we go again...another fucking stupid report from crossfade, first of all do not compare house music with pop music, they are totally different...those videos that you put up in your stupid so called report were when EDM was starting out in the 80's and there was alot of fusion with 2 genres but then again you wont know that cause the reporter is probably like 22 years old, stop putting down EDM...House music forever...crossfade sucks and JACOB KATEL sucks as a reporter, find a new career

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