DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne's "Bitches & Bottles": The Most Expensive Vodka Commercial Ever

bitches and bottles gtv girl.jpg
If we've learned anything from 30 Rock, it's that product integration is the future of successful American capitalism.

This is a lesson that's been wholeheartedly embraced by the modern rap community.

So obviously, when DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne get together, it's all about pushing daddy Birdman's GTVodka -- the only booze good enough to drink off your bitch's titties.

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For "da best" local DJ's newest track "Bitches & Bottles," they didn't so much film a music video as shoot the most expensive vodka commercial of all time. What other liquor spot comes with a T.I. cameo?

Honestly, though, this is grade-A commercialism. As a strip-hop anthem, this song is merely meh. But put forth in this manner, it stands as the greatest ad jingle in the history of ever. This product placement is a star-studded event, and it comes with lots of ass and cleavage shots.

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