Drake Tries to Claims Ownership of YOLO: "Walgreens and Macy's ... Cut the Cheque"

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This Chrismahanukwanzika, Drake did something really, really crazy. He walked into a Walgreens.

And it must have been the first time since late November 2011. Because the "greatest ever" rapper just realized the commercial giants of the world have been stacking cake all year by marketing his hashtag swag word of the year, YOLO.

Now that he knows, Drake's demanding Walgreens and Macy's shut down the shenanigans or slide him some profits. He put the brands on notice via Instagram. Check out the pics after the cut.

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"Walgreens....you gotta either chill or cut the cheque," he said in a French accent with complete disregard to proper ellipsis construction.

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Of course, Drake was referring to these goofball, half-priced snapbacks. Only the sort of thing molly-fied dance freaks have been wearing to music festivals and all frat-affiliated occasions since last New Year's Eve.

The rapper also walked into a Macy's and shared a pic of the department store's cultural amalgamation, which tosses the guardians of contemplative childhood (Charlie Brown and Snoopy) with the devil-may-care slogan of reckless adult decisions onto one t-shirt.

drake yolo macys.jpg
"Macy's...same goes for you," Drake said. Although, it seems unlikely the man can claim any such thing at this point. According to Gawker, there are more than 100 copyright claims to "YOLO" as of right now, and none of them probably belong to Mr. Greatest Ever.

Still, all merch-makers best watch out. Like the song says, Drake is like sitting on the bench, he don't really play.

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@MiamiNewTimes @drake My Grandpa used to use the term YOLO back in the 50s. #Drake didn't invent it, he just recycled it. #getoveryourself

Ricky Goodwin
Ricky Goodwin

drake is a bitch where would he be without lil waynes dick?? degrassi???

Floydian Slipped
Floydian Slipped

Tax evading fools trying to raise money and because most of the folks that use this acronym fall under another one: #DODOS


@absurdNES @miaminewtimes what a fag

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