Fashion Freakouts at Basel Castle 2012

basel castle 2012 fashion.jpg
O'Grime's L.Rey!
Another Art Basel Miami Beach week has come and gone.

But while we definitely got our art on and loved every awesome musical act, we couldn't stop staring at what all those fancy motherfuckers were wearing!

What can we say, we here at Crossfade are somewhat shallow. So we headed out to one of the weekend's hippest functions, armed with a camera in search of some awesome get-ups.

Oh, Basel Castle, you're a stylish bitch.

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basel castle gorilla suit.jpg
Of course, no party is complete without a dude in a totally too-hot party-animal costume! How do you know you're having fun unless a goofy gorilla is showing you that it's a good time? The man in costume is always in charge of the dance floor.

basel castle pbr swag.jpg
Free PBR swag was definitely trending at this year's Basel Castle. That might be because they were throwing headbands, hats, cozies and other merch every-fucking-where. Or it might be because PBR is awesome. Probably a combo.

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Overthrow Castle

41 NW 20th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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