Fashion Freakouts at Basel Castle 2012

basel castle good hair.jpg
Listen up guys. Don't be afraid to take a chance with a funky haircut. If it turns out terrible ... Meh, you can grow it out and cut it again. But if it turns out like this guy's, you're gonna get mad bitches. It's just that simple. Girls love a guy with a radical haircut, because they can't help but find danger sexy, and you clearly live on the edge.

basel castle colors.jpg
This guy knows his colors, and he's rocking them to the max. He's actually a designer out of L.A., and he made these clothes himself. And his facial hair is pretty great too. Extra points for the bow tie. All in all, this guy might be the winner of the Basel Castle Fashionista Bowl. Tell him what he's won, Bob.

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Overthrow Castle

41 NW 20th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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