Fashion Freakouts at Basel Castle 2012

basel castle save hat.jpg
Speaking of casual meets awesome, this guy might be the coolest bro ever to not give a fuck and look good doing it. Is he in the desert? No, but he might be dressed for it, and now you wish you were there with him. What is he trying to save? We're not sure, but his headgear is making our life.

basel castle heart pendant.jpg
Wearing black in monochrome is always appropriate when going to a hipster arty-party. Black is never out of style and it always makes a bold statement. But accessorize your gothed-out ensemble with a big crazy statement piece, like this guy's studded heart pendant. It says, "I'm hard as fuck. But I really just want a lover. And more free Bacardi."

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Overthrow Castle

41 NW 20th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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