GTA's Matt Toth and Julio Mejia Are Taking Over EDM From a Converted Dorm in Kendall

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GTA's Julio Mejia (left) and Matt Toth (right) are taking over.
There's a loud, in-your-face sound coming out of Miami, making waves in clubs across America. It's got a hip-hop lean and sometimes a tropical vibe. It's dirty, sexy, and full of hype.

It's a raw sound, sought out by some of the biggest names in EDM. And it's coming from a modest converted dorm across the street from Miami Dade College in Kendall.

Matt Toth, 22, and Julio Mejia, 21, are to blame. They go by the name GTA. And though they don't regularly run amok in the street committing vehicular manslaughter on hookers and the homeless, Toth and Mejia's energetic blend of hard synths, funky drops, and hood swag will jack a dance floor and make the all hoes scream.

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The young face of Miami's EDM scene could be almost anyone. With today's fast-paced and highly connected world of bedroom production, the tools and skills needed to build fat beats are accessible to everyone who's got the time. But it's these two relative up-and-comers stealing the show.

"Our whole thing has always been just doing whatever we think is cool. It could be house music, could be trap music, could be moombahton, could be polka. Whatever we seem to be into, we try to make that," Mejia says. "Just good music."

Essentially, they make whatever they want and most people seem to like whatever they make. We're talking big guys like Diplo, Afrojack, A-Trak, and Laidback Luke. These giant names all vie to work with the hyphy duo and release their tracks. Pretty much the coolest thing that could happen.

Ironically, the guys behind raunchy bangers "Booty Bounce" and "Shake Dem" aren't big party monsters. They're more the stay-in-and-play-video-games-or-hunch-over-a-computer-making-sounds kind of dudes. Before their first major release, Toth says he'd only played small college events in bars and hookah lounges. Now they're flying out to play HARD parties in Los Angeles and going on nationwide tours.

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But all that traveling hasn't changed their partying habits.

"I personally don't enjoy going out to clubs all the time," Toth says. "The music has evolved into being something like a status kind of thing. I know there's a lot of bottle-service clubs and stuff. I don't really like that so much."

And because it's not "the life" or "the scene" that drives them, they have more time to log hours in Toth's apartment bedroom-turned-studio. It's not a glamorous place by any means. It's just a room with a couch, a table, a desk, a computer, and an Akai MPK49. Of course, there's the obligatory pair of turntables.

They "padded the walls" with a couple strips of foam, but they've still had cops knock on their door, asking them to turn it down. Apparently, not everyone knows what the kids on the third floor are up to.

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