Holy Ship!! Survival Guide: From Condoms to Shades

5. Bring Cheap Sunglasses
Your expensive, polarized, supercute shades? Don't bring them. You're going to be wasted. Do you know how pissed you'll be if they fall off the side? Or get swiped by someone? Or lost in the sand? It's gonna ruin your vacay. In fact, don't bring anything of immense personal or monetary value aboard the boat. It's not worth the hassle and worry. Grab some cheapo crap on the way to port, even a back-up pair, and you'll be set.

6. Pack Aloe Vera
White people, you're going to get sunburned. Black people, white people will love you for having a bottle of aloe vera in your bag. Sure, most cruisers remember to bring sunscreen. But when you pass out on the deck at 4 a.m. and wake up red as a beet at noon, you're going to run around searching for this magical green plant goo. Have some handy. Save yourself.

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