Jahfe for the People: Words of Wisdom From Sasha Sanon

Jahfe is the greatest reggae band in South Florida.

When the group's in show mode, it gigs about 17 nights a month at venues throughout the tri-county area. The crew also tours internationally, playing some of the biggest festivals around the world. And Jahfe takes the sound of Miami everywhere it goes.

Band leader Sasha Sanon started the band ten years ago, and Jahfe has been playing in its current incarnation for the past five years. The crew's currently mixing its third album, 3rd Eye, due out in March. So we caught up with Sanon for some reggae words of wisdom about life, death, and the feeling of the music.

25. "The business is the music, but we use the music to convey the message to the people."

24. "Life: It's intense."

23. "There is always an eye watching you. Whenever you do anything you create karma."

22. "You can live in the ghetto but you don't have to live a gangster life."

21. " I am from a third world country and I know about poverty. One thing that I understand, poverty is not knowing God, because a man shouldn't live off bread only."

20. "It's good to be humble and not to get caught up in material things. Always live in the 'now-ism', not in past not the future. Nothing is guaranteed."

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