Leftover Crack's Stza on School Shootings: "Our Government Is Directly Responsible For Worse"

Is there someone in particular your other band, Star Fucking Hipsters, is named for?
Yes, it was named after the self-important hipster cokeheads at Vice Magazine.

It's a very different band name from all of your previous projects, which have always been a little more sinister and/or sketchy. What accounts for that?
I can't remember, I think it was an attempt at being "fun-loving"...

Do you believe in hipsters?
Oh, they exist... Is there really debate on this subject?

Are punks a form of hipsters?
The ones that only care about fashion are.

What the fuck happened when you guys played West Palm and there was some kind of insane brawl? The whole thing seemed like an overly formal duel between skinheads and punks. Was there any real beef or was it really just crew/demographic tension?
Right before the police showed up, I was face-to-face with some of the kids, and they seemed really scared of me in particular. I asked this one kid why they were attacking us, and he started to tear up as he said, "Your band is called Leftöver Crack. And my brother smokes crack." Then the cops came and they ran. To be honest, I really don't think those kids had any solid idea why they were against us. I think most of all they were bored and from your neck of the woods. Stranger things have happened.

You spent some time in Miami, haven't you? What's your impression of the Magic City?
I love that it's at the edge of the world. By that, I mean that there is Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, and even Portland, Maine. But all of those other places are on the way to somewhere: Canada or Mexico.

But Miami is a city that really sits apart from the rest of Florida, and isn't actually on the way to any place. I think that really helps for it to hold onto its unique identity with much less influence from the rest of the country. I know a lot of bands don't tour there simply because it is not on the way to any other city. Even Seattle and San Diego sit in corners where you don't have to double-back to get someplace else. I honestly dislike Florida a lot. But Miami strikes me as its own thing, almost like how D.C. is not in any state. We made a special effort to play Miami again because we know the show will be great and that the people will receive us gladly...

Leftöver Crack has a history of being a particularly unsustainable enterprise: label disputes, tragic losses, feuding. What will be the next thing that fucks the band up for the next two or three years?
I disagree, I feel that we've sustained this project quite well, despite the chaos. We putter along at our own pace. And it suits us fine.

Leftöver Crack. With Crackbox, Juicy Karkass, Askultura, Baker Acted, Devalued, Guerrilleros de Nadie, and DJ Skidmark. Friday, December 28. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 7 p.m. sharp and cover costs $15. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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