Matt & Kim Talk Basel and Cuteness: "Our Music Isn't About Swing Sets and Lollipops"

What band suffers an illness, cancels a show, promises a make-up date, but never follows through? Most all of them. But not Matt & Kim.

After having to nix a Fillmore Miami Beach gig a few months ago because singer-keyboardist Matt lost his voice while on tour, this perky Brooklyn-based pop-punk duo actually rescheduled. And the husband-and-wife team are planning to make the most of the Miami return date. In fact, according to Matt, it's gonna be a massive party and he promises "to bring enough balloons and confetti to make a big mess."

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Crossfade: Can you believe it? You're coming to Miami.
Matt:I know. [Laughs] We're actually going [to be in town for] almost two weeks. We just happened to be coming down for Art Basel and the show got scheduled for the next weekend.

I was gonna ask if you were going to be here for Basel.
Yeah, a couple of years ago. We missed last year. We have a great time. We usually go down and DJ or something and just hang out, see art, and go to parties. It's fun.

Anything performance-wise?
We might DJ, but we're not going to be playing any music.

Nothing official?
No, no. Nothing's even confirmed yet. We're kinda just going and sort of winging it. We have a couple of friends who are doing stuff. So let's just see what happens.

That's fitting. Especially since you both went to art school. How do you and Kim incorporate your art degrees into what you are doing with music?
We both went to art school, me and Kim. But I graduated in film, and I've had a big hand in most all the music videos we've made. Most of the ideas were ideas that I had come up with, and then Kim, she's done most of our album covers. She's done a lot of shirts and design for numerous things. She was [in school] for illustration.

But I think, in the end, just being smarter creatively applies to all things. Like, you can tell if a photo feels good and balanced. It helps you know if a song feels good and balanced. It all applies. I would never regret having spent a fortune to go to a private art school. If I was lucky enough to do music all my life, I would be happy about that.

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