Miami Bass Super Fest: A Four-Part Guide to Booty Duty, From 69 Boyz to JT Money

JT Money, reporting for booty duty.
Putting together a proper showcase for classic Miami bass music in 2012 has proven to be a tall order.

Early this year, Uncle Luke hyped up a 20-date "Lollapolooza of Bass music" that he was planning for the summer, featuring a fully reunited 2 Live Crew and support from DJ Magic Mike, the 69 Boyz, Quad City DJs, DJ Kool, Poison Clan and -- in a show of bicoastal booty music solidarity -- Sir Mix-A-Lot. But despite Luke's hopes that the tour would prove bass music's continued relevance and "show the public who really diversified hip-hop," it never materialized.

Shortly after the Miami Bass Super Fest was announced for November 10 at the BankUnited Center, it was also postponed. But like a Christmas gift from a Santa with a soft spot for pussy poppin', the festival is back on for December 15, with a lineup that includes some of the genre's biggest stars -- though minus Luke or any members of 2 Live Crew.

Here's a look at some of the key players reporting for booty duty.

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JT Money
Former Poison Clan leader JT Money is one of the few MCs from Miami bass's heyday to score a major hit since the genre's late '90s crash. But it's been 14 years since JT's "Who Dat" became one of MIA rap's biggest post-bass smashes and his public appearances have grown increasingly rare, making this gig a serious treat for fans of the "Bitchizer."

95 South and the 69 Boyz
In the mid '90s, Jacksonville's bass music scene had become nearly as vital as Miami's. In fact, 95 South and the 69 Boyz, a pair of J-ville crews overseen by beatmakers C.C. Lemonhead (also of Quad City DJs fame) and Jay "Ski" McGowan, scored two of the era's most notable bass hits with, respectively, "Whoot! There It Is" (not to be confused with Tag Team's "Whoomp! There It Is") and "Tootsee Roll." Score one for Duval County.

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BankUnited Center

1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables, FL

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We'll just have to wait and see. Dec 15th.

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