Michael Jackson's Creepiest Memorabilia: From "Jesus Juice" Cans to Death Bed and Porn Stash

In Michael Jackson explotation news...

The King of Pop is dead. However, his legacy lingers locally tonight at the Hard Rock Café at Bayside Marketplace.

Between 4 and 7 p.m., Jackson's personal costume designer of 25 years, Michael Bush, will be on site signing copies of The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson, a new "art-driven book about the costumes, apparel, shoes, and accessories created and worn" by the late pop star.

Furthermore, some of the costumes featured in Bush's book will also be on display this evening, solidifying December 18, 2012 as the best Tuesday ever.

But if the traveling exhibit/book-signing featured some of the following bits of Jackson memorabilia, shit would've been mad awkward.

Check our list of Michael's mementos best left in storage.

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Death Bed
A year ago, Michael Jackson's deathbed was one of 2011's hottest must-have collector's items. About a month before it was to be sold at auction, however, Jackson's family intervened and had it scrapped from the public sale lot.

Lucky Hair (Roulette) Ball
Few Michael Jackson tributes are as a creepy as the one OnlineGamblingPal.com was responsible for last year. Unless, of course, you don't find human hairballs-turned-roulette-balls creepy.

The online gambling company paid just under $11,000 to purchase some of Jackson's hair at auction last year, only to turn it into a ubiquitous casino accessory.

Dead Hair
What's stranger than human hair? Fake hair. And Jackson had plent of it because homie was going bald.

According to the autopsy report, "the decedent's head hair [was] sparse and connected to a wig."

Let's just take a minute to thank the Hard Rock Café for not including Jackson's toupee in their collection. And for the record, the thought of MJ embracing the Mr. Clean look is downright terrifying.

Used "Jesus Juice" Cans
Remember that whole child molestation thing Michael was accused of? Not the first one in 1993, but the second one a decade later. Well, according to Jackson's then 15-year-old accuser, Gavin Arvizo, the King of Pop used to fill cans of Sprite with various alcohols and have underage houseguests drink what Jackson called "Jesus Juice."

On the stand, Arvizo said Jackson would say, "'You know how Jesus drank wine. Well, we call it Jesus Juice.'"

Creepy, eh?

MJ's Porn Stash
Using evidence presented to them, a Los Angeles jury found Michael Jackson not guilty of child molestation in 2005. And among the evidence was Wacko Jacko's porn stash.

In the jury's eyes, there was nothing weird about an alleged sex-offender getting off on books like Dress up: Playacts and Fantasies of Childhood or videos like Believe It or Not, "which promised a variety of unusual sex acts," according to The Daily Mail.

We're just glad Jackson's porn collection isn't making the rounds. We'd hate to have to pass judgment on the guy.

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