Rick Ross Threatened by Gangster Disciples in Chicago: "F#$% You ... Cut the Check"

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The Bawse might not be worried. But the Chicago Police ain't takin' chances.

After receiving death threats last week from a North Carolina chapter of the Gangster Disciples, Rick Ross rolled up to the 99 Jamz studio to shrug off any beef with the GDs as "one sucka that got a personal vendetta."

But according to TMZ, the Chi-Town po-po are investigating. The reason: Another Disciples video (over a month old, though purportedly outta the Windy City) telling Rozay that "you gotta cut the check."

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During his visit to 99 Jamz, Ross insisted, "I'm a certified man. I am a real boss."

And he added, denying any beef with the Gangster Disciples' leadership in Illinois: "I was just in Chicago a week and a half ago. That's the birthplace of the GDs."

However, the Disciples in this clip are pissed. And they want a cash kickback for the Bawse's use of GD founder Larry Hoover's name as well as the gang's six-point star.

"Public service announcement," the Gangster Disciple spokesman says, "Rick Ross, the whole Maybach Music family ... Fuck you."

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