Six Best EDM Riders: From Deadmau5 to Pauly D and Diplo

David Guetta
For his Fuck Me, I'm Famous tour, the Mickey Mouse of EDM went all out with the goodies. His rider (specifically for the Roseland Ballroom) reads like a CVS aisle on Valentine's Day. Lots of giant hearts, teddy bears, foam stars and hands, giant champagne cups, a glitter machine, lollipops, red carpets, and Ibiza girls. Wait, girls? Whatever, he's famous.

Steve Aoki
Of course, Steve Aoki has a ridiculous rider. Everything about him is ridiculous. But if you've ever witnessed his stage show, none of the requests are too surprising. Promoters must provide soft cakes that say "Dim Mak" for throwing in faces, corked champagne bottles for spraying, and an inflatable boat for going ho-surfing. But did you know he also demands an eighth of local weed? Das wassup.

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