Till Von Sein Talks Deep House, Globetrotting, and New Album on Suol Label

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There's a veritable tsunami of electronic dance music coming out of Berlin. After all, it's the techno capital of the world.

But amid this overwhelming wave of white noise, one of the artists currently standing out on the international charts and club bills is Till Von Sein.

It helps that he counts releases on hotly tipped labels like Suol, Dirt Crew Recordings, and Supplement Facts. But it's Von Sein's signature sound that's garnered wide appeal: modern tech-y German grooves infused with vintage American funk and soul. In other words, transatlantic deep house at its best.

Ahead of a headlining performance at the Electric Pickle on Thursday with Sub-Motus, Crossfade caught up with Mr. Von Sein.

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Crossfade: What kind of music were you into growing up and how did you first get drawn to electronic dance music?
Till Von Sein: I've been into rap music forever. Besides that, funk, soul and '90 R&B had a massive influence on me growing up. Jungle and the so-called "French house" was the first dance music which really got me.

It seems like you have a sort of hip-hop approach to your productions, with ample use of old R&B, funk and soul samples. What is the creative process typically like for you in the studio and where do you go digging for vintage records and samples?
It always depends. These days, I spend quite some time on iTunes and listen to music, and every now and then I find something I wanna sample, and take it from there. But sometimes I also just start with a basic groove and play my own melodies on top of that. The best for me is to combine both worlds: a dope sample and some Rhodes or synth melodies on top, played by myself.

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