Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Taylor Gang Smoke Out the University of Miami, December 1

The stage cleared and he took it down a notch, playing some sexy shit for the ladies and giving the crowd time to breathe. Wiz Khalifa is at his best when he has his jazzy moments. His voice and flow are quite clean and his delivery shines when he turns it down.

But he kept it mad hyphy because college kids like to party, and we were on a college campus after all. His boys came out for one more Taylor Gang-bang, and later, gave the kids a good and proper pep talk about "don't let no motherfucker tell you what you can't do."

"You could be better than me, real talk," he told the crowd.

Via instagram.com/mistercap
Wiz chillin' with Trina backstage.

He ended the night on a super-high party level. He told us a story about drinking Bombay and smoking like, 47 joints all at once as he got ready for the Miami stage. He ended with a bunch of live tracks, dropping "On My Level," "No Sleep" and "Work Hard, Play Hard" before running off stage into the darkness.

The lights came up almost immediately as some guy announced the official after party going down at Cameo. People just accepted there would be no encore as they made their way slowly towards the doors.

It felt strange leaving the party at 10:45 p.m., but that's what happens when you party on campus.

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Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias:
Geeked-up hip hop shows should not occur on private campuses.

The Crowd: A good mix of everyone, including odd pubescent boys, hard-ass bros, bored-looking rich hipsters, college bros, homies, hoes, and two rockabilly chicks.

Wiz Khalifa Setlist:
-"Black And Yellow"
-"Phone Numbers"
-"The Code"
-"Taylor Gang"
-"The Cruise"
-"Remember You"
-"It's Nothin'"
-"Rise Above"
-"Bout Me"
-"Tweak Is Heavy"
-"Never Been"
-"Wild and Free"
-"Ink My Whole Body"
-"The Race"
-"Hopes and Dreams"
-"On My Level"
-"No Sleep"
-"Work Hard, Play Hard"

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BankUnited Center

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