Dumbest Shit in Music 2012!

Hologram Tupac
Of course, because the majority of our new superstars are inherently terrible, we were forced this year to dig up the remains of one of our favorite icons. Well, we didn't dig him up so much as we projected him onto a stage he had no business being on. The famed Coachella performance was exciting, but it was also bizarre and one of the most hollow attempts at a money-grab we've heard of. You know Tupac was going to go on tour? Please, let Tupac rest in peace.

Snoop Lion
Speaking of Tupac, his friend and fellow west-coast rapper Snoop Dogg got all kinds of nutty this year. Besides rapping with his deceased friend, he flipped the script a full 180 and killed off his own personal brand. He dropped the "Doggy Dogg" and upgraded to Snoop Lion, obvi because he's been a rasta-ass mother fucker all this time. Now, he's only going to do reggae, and while we're definitely stoked to hear his new album, we still think no more Snoop Dogg curner-bending style is pretty dumb.

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Pretty sure the dumbest shit in music 2012 was that New Times piece (of shit) on "fat" female musicians...

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