Dumbest Shit in Music 2012!

DJ Paris Hilton
Snoop's not the only pop culture icon to get a make-over in 2012. American embarrassment and hotel heiress Paris Hilton gave us a million lols this year as she endeavored to buy her way into the world of superstar DJs. She train-wrecked her ass all over the world from Brazil to Paris and even India. She worked it so bad, even Afrojack has to stop hanging out with her.

Katy Perry Becomes Culturally Important
Katy Perry is kind of just a big whatever on the face of pop culture. She's not as weird as Lady Gaga or Ke$ha, but she's not as squeaky-clean as Carly Rae Jepsen or Taylor Swift. Although we at Crossfade feel this renders her useless, the rest of you think this makes her the new Michael Jackson. This year, Perry's Teenage Dream became the first album in history seven #1 songs; the most ever. She beat out the King for this, and it's your fault.

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Pretty sure the dumbest shit in music 2012 was that New Times piece (of shit) on "fat" female musicians...

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