Dumbest Shit in Music 2012!

Corporate Buyouts of Festivals Everywhere
EDM used to be a lot of fun before we started calling it "EDM" and turned it into a shit-pile of consumerism. Trying to milk all the money out of something makes it awful, but we can't help ourselves. This year, giant companies like LiveNation nabbed every cool brand down to trade authenticity for a giant price-tag. Now these youth-oriented all-night raves can be sold to us with awesome fees and offer a bunch of soulless sameness. We're stoked.

Nicki Minaj
Speaking of hollow commercialism, Nicki Minaj was really awful this year. Basically all her songs were stupid and poppier than ever. When someone called her a "pop" act in New York, she refused to take the stage. She signed up for the dummy job of American Idol judge, then had a fake feud with the legendary Mariah Carey all over television. She produced a dumb mini-series about herself, too. Basically, she's the worst.

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Pretty sure the dumbest shit in music 2012 was that New Times piece (of shit) on "fat" female musicians...

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