Dumbest Shit in Music 2012!

Rihanna + Chris Brown
Scratch that, these two are the worst. There's almost nothing on the pop music scene that's easier to make fun of than these two. More useless blogs have been written and read about their on-again/off-again relationship than probably even the recent election. Sure, it's dumb that she got back with him when he beat the hell out of her, but it's also dumb that we pay attention so much in the first place. Rihanna isn't the first girl to let some asshole treat her like toilet paper, and sadly, she won't be the last.

Gangnam Style
Poor Psy. He's like, the biggest thing ever right now, but do you think he knows a lot of you are just laughing at him? This could be an awesome moment for globalism and oneness, the moment Americans wake-up from their mono-cultural plaza-garbage day-dream and embrace some new culture. But actually, they just want Korean LMFAO. Psy ended up doing his dance everywhere this year, but only time will show us what kind of pop star you really want him to be. Can he turn it into a positive in 2013? We'll see.

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Pretty sure the dumbest shit in music 2012 was that New Times piece (of shit) on "fat" female musicians...

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