Dumbest Shit in Music 2012!

Pussy Riot
Beyond on this pop drivel, something really dumb and kind of important also happened. The Russian feminist punk-rock group Pussy Riot, infamous in their hood for writing songs dissing Putin and espousing crazy shit like LGBT rights and girl power, were found guilty of "hooliganism" and put in jail without bail. Two of them are still in there, while a few other members have fled the country, fearing the same. A lot of Western musicians have taken up the cause, because really, you shouldn't go to jail for writing protest songs and singing them in churches, right?

It seems like we've been YOLOing forever, but no one had even heard the term before Drake coined it in his late 2011 hit "The Motto," featuring Lil Wayne. Of course, a few months after the release, the world's neon-wearing, drunken masses had adopted the acronym as their calling card. A lot of dumb shit went down while we all sat screaming "YOLO," like that young rapper who totally died after tweeting about how fast he was drunk driving, but acronyms aren't excuses. Let's make 2013 the year of quiet reflection and regret so 2014 can be the musical and cultural enlightenment we so desperately need.

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Pretty sure the dumbest shit in music 2012 was that New Times piece (of shit) on "fat" female musicians...

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